K.T   Chinese    STARS

Why learn with K.T Chinese STARS?


Qualified Teachers with Chinese teaching license

There are over 200 distinct varieties of Chinese, most of Chinese may have different dialect varying from city to city. To ensure you are learning official Chinese - Mandarin, all of our teachers have achieved above Level 2-A in the Putonghua (Mandarin) Proficiency Test, an official test of fluency in Chinese.

Wealth of teaching experience in Mandarin 

Our teachers have a wealth of teaching experience in both China and Australia, with their patience, dedication and responsibility invariably well received by students.


        Type of courses


YCT classes for Level 1 - Level 6 : (for over 5 years old)

  • Daily Chinese common conversations

  • Simple Chinese characters: colour, numbers, time, etc

  • Chinese songs and stories

  • Chinese characters, associated with important vocabulary.

  • Oral expression ability, training openings and improving self-confidence.

  • Writing rules, correct writing posture.

  • Traditional Chinese culture: poetry and etiquette, respecting your elders and good manner

K.T. Chinese are offering exciting online Mandarin classes for kids over 5 years old. Our qualified teachers will ensure your children will have fun and learn Mandarin including speaking, reading and writing. Our students love our classes. Besides, our teachers are all holding Mandarin proficiency certificate (over Level 2 -A), your kids will learn correct Mandarin without any incorrect dialect. To cater to your schedule, we offer classes online after school, during the weekend and also throughout the holidays. 


What students will learn?


This course, participants will learn how to read and write the commonly used Chinese radicals which still form the basis of modern Chinese writing. By mastering these radicals, students will learn other ideographs more easily and how to use a Chinese/English dictionary more quickly. Students will also learn to converse in everyday situations.

Enjoyable learning

Our Chinese teachers with rich teaching experience, make sure to make lessons fun, so students realise Chinese

doesn't have to be boring to learn.

Students can gain certification

After students have been taught by us, they will be invited to complete the Youth Chinese Test (YCT) to receive

official certification. This gives parents the ease of mind that their children are gaining real, applicable skills for the future.


Good school publicity

Gifted students taught by us will have the opportunity to participate in a number of competitions or performances - this is a great way to advertise the school’s diversity and generally gain some good publicity. 


Ten-person classes

Small classes greatly improve the quality of teaching, teachers interact with students individually so that students enjoy a personalised learning experience

Promotion of some Chinese culture essentials

In addition to teaching and writing, the teacher will read stories (such as Kong Rong to pear, Pei Xiu Xue Li, Meng mother three moves, etc.) in the form of teaching Chinese rituals.