8 Ways to improve your Chinese learning fast

Tip 1: Use Flashcards to remember words in Chinese. K.T Chinese is uploading all the words from different HSK level into Quizlet, you can easily look for KTCHINESE at Quizlet, then find the flashcards from K.T Chinese. It is for FREE.

Tip 2: Name objects around you in Chinese. Make sticker notes on your computers, oven, bed, TV, etc with Chinese Pinyin, you can also remember those words in your mind, instead of sticker notes. The objects around you are the most commonly used words in our life, once you know how to say those words in Chinese, it will speed up your listening and speaking.

Tip 3: Think in simple sentences, describe your environment in Chinese. Such as" I am hungry", "I am happy", "I am tired" etc.

Tip 4: Have a small conversation in Chinese with yourself. Have a try for a week, then keep up. Talking is the best way to improve speaking in any language, it is the same as Chinese.

Tip 5: Find a Chinese language partner or Chinese tutor to help you to correct your pronunciation and tones. Or you can also find the free resources from online, such as watching Youtube Chinese TV shows, listen to Chinese Podcast (喜马拉雅)etc

Tip 6: Don't be shy, just TRY. Go to Chinese restaurants, try to order food, and speak to the workers there in Chinese. They will be very pleased. Please try to choose a not busy hour.

Tip 7: Try to write in Chinese Character, once you recognize and remember the basic 300 Chinese words, you can communicate in Chinese easily. Chinese Character writing will help you to remember the words more deeply.

Tip 8: Recap your day in Chinese, before you go to bed.

I hope the above tips will help you to improve your Chinese.

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