Now is the perfect time for your little star to learn basic Mandarin online, sign Up to our weekly online Chinese course at K.T Chinese Learning.


This course is suitable for:
-Kids over 5 years old


Our professional teachers will ensure your children will have fun and learn Mandarin including speaking, reading, and writing. Our students love our classes!


In our YCT Level 1 lesson, you will learn:
1. Basic conversations in Chinese
2. 10 Chinese songs for kids
3. Basic Strokes of Chinese Characters
4. Chinese Culture

5. Recognize and write 50 chinese characters


Course time: Every Saturday

(Please contact us and let us know which time suits you the best)


3 weeks, each week one session

Each session: 90 minutes, 10-minute break


Once after your confirmation, we will send you the ZOOM 24 hours before the course starting time.


  Table of content


Lesson 1 你好!Hello! 
Lesson 2 你叫什么?What's your name? 
Lesson 3 他是谁?Who is he? 
Lesson 4 我家有四口人。There are four people in my family. 
Lesson 5 我6岁。I'm 6 years old. 
Lesson 6 你的个子真高!You're so tall! 
Lesson 7 这是谁的狗?Whose dog is this? 
Lesson 8 我去商店。I'm going to the store. 
Lesson 9 今天星期几?What day is it today? 
Lesson 10 现在几点?What time is it? 
Lesson 11 你吃什么?What would you like to eat? 
Lesson 12 复习Review 
课文和小故事翻译Text and Mini-Story Translation 
测试页听力文本Test Listening Scripts 
测试页答案Test Answers 
YCT奖状YCT Award


Please note that the book is not included.


To ensure the course performance, Maximum 10 students per course! 

10 Weeks Online Chinese course for Kids - All levels

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    The student is allowed to be absent for a maximum 2 weeks, but it is not refundable via cash, please inform the K.T Chinese 3 days before the course starts, K.T Chinese is happy to extend the course and attend the class at a later point in time. Please contact to arrange this.