"Easy Steps to Chinese for kids" is suitable for kids to build a solid foundation in Mandarin. The book includes listening, speaking, reading, and writing to develop Mandarin language skills for kids. Each of the lessons has contained a variety of activities such as songs, games, and handworks, it motivates kids to learn and have a positive attitude when they learn in Mandarin. In the course design part, each of the units is continuous and ongoing, so it can make it easy for the kids.  


  • Publisher : Beijing Language & Culture University Press; 1st edition (31 December 2011)
  • Language: : English, Chinese
  • Paperback : 86 pages
  • ISBN-10 : 7561930496
  • ISBN-13 : 978-7561930496
  • Dimensions : 23.62 x 20.83 x 1.02 cm


About the Author

Ms. Yamin Ma, with a bachelor s degree in English Language and Literature and a master s degree in Education, is now teaching Chinese in an international school in Hong Kong. Ms. Ma has many years experience in teaching Chinese as a foreign language and knows well about the AP Chinese Program in the US and the IB Chinese Test in Europe.


The lessons covered by “Easy Steps to Chinese for kids" (1a) include:

1. Number (1)

2. Number (2)

3. Number (3)

4. Hello!

5. Thank You!

6. What's your name?

7. I'm 5 years old

Chinese Culture- Mid-Autumn Festival


Suitable for those who learn mandarin as second language especially the IGCSE / IB and HSK (level-3) students


* Please be informed that the textbook and workbook are sold separately

Published by Beijing Language and Culture University Press


《轻松学中文 》 (第一册)是一套为4岁至8岁孩童 (汉语非母语) 所编写的辅助教材,能够帮助孩童在学习汉语中奠定良好的基础。 本书内容编排着重于孩童对汉语听、 说、 读、 写的能力来提升他们的汉语水平。书中每个单元配有歌曲、手工、游戏,使课文内容变得活泼生动,可增加学生对课堂的参与感以及对汉语的学习抱有积极的态度。在课程设计方面,课文依据孩童的学习节奏来而设,单元与单元之间的内容都有连贯,有助于孩童能够握和巩固学习的内容。

《轻松学中文 1a》课文目录如下:

1. 一二三四五

2. 六七八九十

3. 十一~二十

4. 你好

5. 谢谢你

6. 你叫什么名字

7. 我五岁



Easy Steps to Chinese for Kids 1A (W/CD or QR Scan) 《轻松学中文》1a 课本(少儿版)

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