Integrated Chinese is the leading introductory Chinese textbook at colleges and universities around the world. The third edition of this time-tested series meets the needs of today’s students with communicative and interactive exercises, a full-color design, up-to-date vocabulary, enhanced cultural coverage, a diverse cast of characters, and a realistic storyline linking all the dialogues and readings. Level 2 is split into two parts, matching the format of Level 1. With 10 lessons in each part, this allows for additional exercises in each lesson and accommodates flexibility in teaching schedules. 

Features of the 3rd Edition

  • 20 lessons in Level 1, for easy academic planning
  • Level 2 is split into two volumes (one per semester) and contains both simplified and traditional characters
  • Student-centered learning objectives at the start of each lesson and progress checklists at the end
  • Review sections after every five lessons for review and reinforcement
  • Task-based, communicative language applications include partner work and open-ended creative exercises
  • Current, relevant vocabulary and grammar notes with clear and accessible explanations
  • Exciting storyline linking all the dialogues and readings
  • Enhanced focus on cultural coverage and comparison
  • Up-to-date lesson topics, including the positive/negative role of the internet in students' lives, career planning, etc.
  • User-friendly full-color design
  • Photos, illustrations, and authentic materials in each lesson

Integrated Chinese, Level 2 Part 1, 3rd Ed., Textbook

  • Title: New Practical Chinese Reader 2 (English note) 2 Workbook

    Author: Liu Xun editor

    Publisher: Beijing Language and Culture University Press

    Publication Date: November 2010

    Word Count: 142,000

    Page: 155

    Edition: 2

    Binding: Paperback

    Folio: Big 16

    Language : Chinese & English

    Package include : 1 x Book